life may not be the party you expected, but you might as well dance while you're here!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

SNOWSHOEING jardine juniper

one of the best activities, snowshoeing! for someone who loves to hike as much as i do, it is a great winter activity. especially when you bring little baggies filled with marshmallows, cheese, and grapes!

why the boys love us.


this year, i had the opportunity to attend KCACTF in LA. for those of yous who are unawares of what KCACTF stands for, it is the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. basically a bunch of designers from several states get together and have a geeky competition to see who is the biggest gee--whoops, i mean best designer. i entered my designs from a children's show entitled Alicia in WonderTierra, Or I can't Eat Goat Head. i was a little nervous, and even more UNPREPARED to compete, but i thought, ech, what the heey, i will give it a shot. to sum up the weeks events in LA and cal state (where the competition was held), i posted my designs amid lots of other designs, went outside and enjoyed the sun, ate, slept, returned the following day to give my presentation, made em laugh, saw some old theatre chums from my undergrad, ate, slept, enjoyed more sun, hung around, looked for movie stars, got on a plane back to utah, and met marie osmand at the salt lake airport (pay special attention to my celebrity potential in the photo....). all in all, i received 3rd place at KCACTF.....good show, i say.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Institute Dance! (hawaiian theme!) (i'm a theif)

"you were so right.....these decorations DO look better on us then they did on the wall."

Question of the Day, exhibit 1.

2. no, because i lighten up the room with my sharp wit and glowing smile, plus i do the dishes when nobody else will.
3. yes, because i cunningly launch pretzels at roomate's forehead just before said roomate is scheduled to go on date, causing a protruding bumb on her forehead and redness and swelling around the eyes.